There are countless applications on the Telematics-market.

Many providers only buy equipment and services in addition, but do not have the competence to offer ideal solutions.

This is not the case with the q1q Telematic GmbH:  about 10 years of experience with telematics-systems, delivering from one source and the knowledge of their client’s demands characterizes the q1q Telematic GmbH.

The company q1q is the perfect partner not only for standard-applications, like GPS-positioning, an electronic logbook, assignment-transmission and car-theft protection, but also for individual-, customer-specific- and OEM-solutions – made in Germany.

q1q is one of the few European companies which provides GPS-Tracking Technologies and also

» runs a self-made positioning platform in Germany,
» is a producer of its own Telematics-Hardware according to the latest aspects
» provides a self-developed assignment-transmission based on FALK-navigation-systems

carlaFINDER V2

Not all types of Telematics are equal!

carlaFINDER V2 - q1q the telematic company

carlaFINDER V2 – determines the GPS-position-data at regular intervals and sends them via the integrated Quadband-industry modem to the q1q-communication-server

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the perfect enhancement

assignment-transmission - q1q the telematic companyThe perfect enhancement of the thousandfold approved carlaFINDER V2 module is the carlaFINDER terminal.



carlaFINDER V1

vehicle-positioning – easy, quick, efficient

carlaFINDER - q1q the telematic company

CarlaFINDER V1 is a reliable vehicle-tracking-system which is worldwide and thousandfold in use.

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the flexible vehicle-GPS-positioning-system

flexFINDER - q1q the telematic company

The flexFINDER is a flexible vehicle-positioning-system.

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GPS-based car-theft-protection

basicFINDER - q1q the telematic companyProtection against the loss of properties or unauthorized use

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personalFINDER – portable positioning in mobile-phone-size

personalFINDER - q1q the telematic companypersonalFINDER – personalFINDER – portable positioning in mobile-phone-size

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